Strong Export Track Record to USA, Africa, and Beyond

CHETAN AGRO is a global leader in the oil mill machinery market, with production facilities in Gujarat, India. Our focus is on providing products that meet local specifications in India and around the world, including the Middle East and African countries.

As a company committed to international standards, we are establishing production and procurement facilities that are optimized for global markets. This allows us to provide customers worldwide with high-value-added products and services.

We have a strong track record of exporting oil mills and agro machinery to countries such as the USA, Africa (including Tanzania, Kenya, Senegal), and many others. Our products are known for their quality, reliability, and performance, making us a trusted partner for customers around the globe.

At CHETAN AGRO, we are dedicated to responding to the needs of our users in India and beyond. Whether it’s through our innovative products, efficient production facilities, or exceptional customer service, we are committed to delivering excellence in everything we do.

Groundnut processing plant installation in Sudan

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CHETAN AGRO proudly announces the installation of a groundnut decorticator plant in Sudan, boasting a capacity of about 50 tons per day. This significant achievement marks our commitment to enhancing global operations and meeting the growing demand for quality agricultural machinery

CHETAN AGRO Hosts Senegal University Principal

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The esteemed Principle of Agriculture University of Senegal visited our company, CHETAN AGRO, showcasing mutual interest in agricultural innovation and technology. This visit fostered a meaningful exchange of ideas, emphasizing our commitment to collaboration and knowledge-sharing in advancing agricultural practices for sustainable development.

Indo-Bangladeshi agricultural cooperation

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We are delighted to announce the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between CHETAN AGRO and Rose Agro Private Limited, Bangladesh, at an international trade fair. This partnership marks a significant step towards fostering collaboration and sharing agricultural expertise between our two nations.

CHETAN AGRO Export: Oil Mill Plant to Mali, West Africa

oil-mill-machinery-export-chetan-agro (4)
CHETAN AGRO proudly announces the successful export of a fully automatic oil mill plant to Mali, West Africa. This achievement underscores our commitment to providing innovative and efficient agricultural machinery solutions globally. We are dedicated to supporting the agricultural development of nations across the world.

Secures Deal with Burkina Faso Client

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We are pleased to announce that CHETAN AGRO has successfully finalized a deal with a client from Burkina Faso at an international trade fair. The deal includes the sale of an oil expeller 1535 and a 12 x 12 filter press, showcasing our commitment to providing high-quality agricultural machinery solutions to clients worldwide.

CHETAN AGRO Hosts Delegates from Multiple Nations

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During the international trade fair, CHETAN AGRO had the privilege of welcoming delegates from several African countries, as well as from Bhutan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Australia, and other nations. The visit to our manufacturing unit offered them insights into our advanced production processes and innovative agricultural machinery, fostering potential collaborations and partnerships for the future.