The Visionary Founder: The Story Behind Our Beginnings

Mr. Popat Bhai Founder of Chetan Agro


In 1979, a young and ambitious Mr. Popatbhai Chauhan arrived in Rajkot from Babra with a dream and determination to make a difference. At just 18 years old, he began working various jobs, earning a humble salary of Rs.150 per month. Despite the financial constraints, Mr. Chauhan’s vision and hard work were unwavering. After a decade of perseverance and learning, he took a bold step and founded “Shree Jay Khodiyar Welding Works” in Rajkot, Gujarat. This small but ambitious factory specialised in the reconditioning of oil mill parts, setting the stage for a legacy of excellence in repair and maintenance services for oil mill plants throughout Gujarat.

Humble Beginnings


By 1985, Mr. Chauhan’s relentless dedication and expertise had established his company as a trusted name in the industry. His team was known for providing exceptional repair services to nearly all oil mill plants across Gujarat. Their meticulous attention to detail, proactive maintenance strategies, and customised solutions significantly enhanced the reliability and efficiency of the oil milling industry. The company’s reputation for quality and dependability grew rapidly, thanks to Mr. Chauhan’s leadership and commitment to excellence.

The year 1991 marked a transformative milestone for Mr. Chauhan and his enterprise. Recognizing the need for innovation and growth, he founded “Chetan Agro Industries.” This strategic evolution saw the company expand its operations from repair services to the manufacturing of mini oil mill machinery and a comprehensive range of spare parts. This bold move not only diversified the company’s offerings but also solidified its position as a key player in the oil mill machinery sector.

Under Mr. Popatbhai Chauhan’s visionary leadership, Chetan Agro Industries thrived, becoming synonymous with resilience, hard work, and innovation. His journey from a young man earning a modest wage to a pioneering entrepreneur is a testament to his relentless pursuit of excellence. Mr. Chauhan’s story is one of inspiring leadership and transformative impact, shaping not only the success of his company but also leaving a lasting legacy in the oil milling industry. His dedication, vision, and unwavering commitment continue to inspire generations of entrepreneurs and industry leaders.