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Superior Seed Cleaning Destoners: Soyabean, Mustard, Rapeseed, Groundnut & Cotton

Machine Type: Destoner

Model No: Destoner
Power Requirement: 1 to 5
Man Power: 1 Worker
Capacity: 150 to 3000
Usage/Appliction: Separate Stones from Seeds

Chetan Agro Industries specialises in manufacturing high-performance Destoner machines crucial for seed treatment. These machines play a vital role in the seed cleaning process by efficiently removing unwanted materials like stones, sand, glass, metal pieces, and other foreign particles. Operating in oil mills, destoners use pressure fans to force air through the materials, separating heavier elements from lighter ones. This process enhances seed purity, ultimately elevating the quality of extracted oils. The versatile machines cater to various seeds like Soyabean, Mustard Seeds, Rape Seeds, Groundnuts, and Cotton Seeds. Chetan Agro Industries ensures top-notch functional usage and superior performance of their Destoner machines.

Raw Material:

  • Groundnut
  • Soyabean
  • Mustard
  • Sunflower
  • Castor
  • Sesame
  • Flaxseed

Final Product:

  • Grading of all kind of seeds

Key Features:

  1. Precision and Accuracy: Chetan Agro Industries' Destoner machines ensure high-precision seed cleaning.
  2. Controlled Operation: Easy regulation of air flow and feed rate allows optimal control during seed treatment.
  3. Dust-Free Processing: Destoners effectively eliminate dust-related issues for a cleaner seed processing environment.
  4. User-Friendly Design: Compact and easy to use, these machines provide practicality in seed treatment operations.
  5. Versatility: With applications across various seeds, the destoners showcase adaptability in diverse seed cleaning scenarios.

Technical Specification:

Model Capacity Power Length  BreadthHeight Weight
Destoner1150 to 300 KG / HR1 HP3.5 ft2.5 ft4 ft200 kg
Destoner3300 to 800 kg/hr3 HP5 ft4 ft5 ft400 kg
Destoner51000 to 2000 kg/hr5 HP6.5 ft5.5 ft6 ft600 kg