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Advanced Animal Feed Plant: Precision Processing for Nutrient-Rich Feed

Machine Type: Animal Feed Plant

Model No: Animal Feed Plant
Power Requirement: 10 to 50
Man Power: 2 Skilled Worker
Capacity: 500 to 5000
Usage/Appliction: Making of Animal Feed

Introducing our advanced Animal Feed Plant equipped with a single Mixer for seamless raw material blending. The mixture undergoes crushing in the Expeller or Crushing Mill, forming nutritious oil cakes. These cakes are then finely pulverised in the Pulverizer, creating a powdered consistency. The powdered oil cake is skillfully processed in the Pallet Mill, transforming it into nutrition-packed pellets. This integrated system ensures precision at every stage, from mixing to pellet formation, delivering high-quality and nutrient-rich animal feed. Invest in our Animal Feed Plant for a streamlined process, maximising efficiency in livestock nutrition with ease.

Raw Material:

  • Cotton Seed, Rise Bran, Oil Cakes, Maize, other items…

Final Product:

  • Animal Feed

Key Features:

  1. Efficient Mixing: Single Mixer ensures thorough blending of raw materials for uniform feed quality.
  2. Versatile Crushing: Utilise the Expeller or Crushing Mill to efficiently crush and form nutritious oil cakes.
  3. Precise Pulverisation: The Pulverizer transforms oil cakes into finely powdered consistency, optimising nutritional content.
  4. Pallet Mill Integration: Seamless transition from powder to pellets in the Pallet Mill, ensuring convenient and efficient feed production.
  5. Streamlined Process: The integrated system offers a seamless flow from mixing to pellet formation, enhancing overall efficiency.

Technical Specification:

Model Capacity Power Length  Breath Height 
ANIMAL FEED PLANT500 KG / DAY10 HP10 ft10 ft8 ft
ANIMAL FEED PLANT1000 KG / DAY15 HP10 ft12 ft8 ft
ANIMAL FEED PLANT2500 KG / DAY20 HP12 ft15 ft8 ft
ANIMAL FEED PLANT5000 KG / DAY50 HP15 ft20 ft8  ft