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Powerful Groundnut Pod Cleaner – 4 TPH Capacity for Efficient Agricultural Processing

Machine Type: Groundnut Pod Cleaning Machine

Model No: GPCM
Power Requirement: 5
Man Power: 2 Worker
Capacity: 4
Operation Type: Auto Feed
Usage/Appliction: Cleaning of Groundnut POD

Boost your agricultural efficiency with our Groundnut Pod Cleaning Machine. With a formidable 4-ton/hour capacity and a robust 5 hp motor, it swiftly cleans groundnut pods, improving productivity and quality. Invest in this powerful solution for streamlined processing, reduced labour costs, and a more profitable harvest.

Raw Material:

  • Groundnut

Final Product:

  • Groundnut

Key Features:

  1. Thorough Cleaning: Innovative design ensures the removal of impurities, enhancing overall harvest quality.
  2. Streamlined Operations: Boost productivity and reduce labour costs for a more profitable agricultural process.
  3. Robust Construction: Built to last, providing a durable and dependable solution for your groundnut processing needs.
  4. High Capacity: Efficiently processes 4 tons of groundnut pods per hour.
  5. Powerful Motor: Equipped with a reliable 5 hp motor for consistent and effective cleaning.

Technical Specification:

Model Capacity Power Length  BreadthHeight 
GPCM4  ton/ hr5 hp30 ft15 ft15 ft