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Cast Iron Filter Presses: Zero Micro Nutrition Loss Oil Extraction

Machine Type: Filter Press CI (Cast Iron)

Model No: Filter Press 12x12, 14x14, 16x16, 18x18
Power Requirement: 1 to 3
Capacity: 50 to 350
Weight: 250 to 2250
Operation Type: Auto
Usage/Appliction: All Type Edible Oil Can Filter

A filter press for oil filtration is a robust and efficient device designed to purify oil by removing solid particles and impurities. Its mechanism involves a systematic process that ensures the extraction of contaminants from the oil, resulting in a high-quality and pure product.

The filtration process commences as a pump draws oil from the storage tank, subsequently elevating its pressure. The pressurized oil is then directed into the filter press unit. Within the press, a series of filter chambers house specialized cotton and plastic filter cloths. These cloths act as membranes, adept at capturing minute particles and impurities suspended in the oil.

As the oil courses through these filter cloths, the contaminants are trapped, leaving behind clarified and refined oil. The arrangement of the filter press ensures thorough filtration, separating impurities from the oil with precision. The collected solids and debris accumulate within the filter press chambers, preventing them from re-entering the processed oil.

This method yields a significant improvement in oil quality, rendering it suitable for various applications. The filtered oil emerges as a refined, pure substance, free from the undesirable particles that could compromise its efficacy in industrial, commercial, or culinary uses. The filter press, acting as a dependable filtration system, plays a pivotal role in enhancing the overall quality and usability of the oil output.

Raw Material:

  • Raw edible oil

Final Product:

  • Filtered edible oil

Key Features:

  1. User-friendly operation with efficient oil cake removal for hassle-free use.
  2. High filtration capacity facilitated by a robust and durable structure.
  3. Utilizes high-pressure filtration for superior oil quality.
  4. Includes essential accessories like filter cloths for immediate use.
  5. Incorporates an easy-to-use design for seamless operation.
  6. Efficiently removes oil cake for continuous and efficient filtration.
  7. Superior build quality ensures long-lasting and reliable performance.
  8. Employs high-pressure systems for thorough and effective filtration.
  9. Ensures high-quality oil output, meeting industry standards.
  10. Complete package includes filter cloths and accessories for immediate setup and use.

Technical Specification:

Model Capacity




Length (Feet) Breath (Feet) Height (Feet) Weight 


12’’ x12’’ x 12 plates50 TO 60 3.51.252250 
14'' X 14'' X 14 Plates80 TO 100 1.5 2.3350
16'' X 16'' X 16 Plates125 to 1504.522.3550
18'' X 18'' X 18 Plates150 to 200 15.52.253750
24'' X 24'' X 24 Plates300 to  400


* all the capacity of the filter depends upon the moisture content of the oil
* all the data is collected with reference to edible oil (Groundnut, Mustard, Etc..)