Our Story

Established in 1991, Chetan Agro Industries is dedicated to making and exporting top-quality agricultural machinery. Our range includes Oil Expellers, Oil Mill Plants, Oil Presses, Decorticator Plants, Filter Presses, Oil Extraction Machines, Manual Peanut Shelling Machines, and more. We design our products to meet international quality standards, using high-quality materials from trusted vendors. Our modern infrastructure and technology, overseen by experienced quality controllers, ensure flawless products.



Our diverse product range caters to the agricultural sector’s needs, with a focus on precision and innovation. From Oil Expellers to Manual Peanut Shelling Machines, each product is crafted for optimal performance. We stay updated with industry advancements, incorporating modern machinery and technology to maintain efficiency and meet evolving standards.

Under the leadership of Mr. Chetan Chauhan, our manager, we navigate customer requirements with integrity and knowledge. Known for ethical business practices, Mr. Chauhan plays a crucial role in shaping our client-focused approach. His support allows us to meet varied customer needs with products tailored to specific requirements.

With a commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction, Chetan Agro Industries, with over three decades of experience, looks to the future, upholding principles of integrity, excellence, and client-centricity in the agricultural machinery sector.

Company Vision

Empowering rural industries by fulfilling their oil mill and agriculture machinery needs, fostering growth, sustainability, and prosperity in rural communities.  
The vision is to empower every village and rural area with top-quality oil mill machinery, ensuring that customers achieve their oil milling requirements seamlessly. Our goal is to be the foremost provider of cutting-edge machinery, fostering economic development and sustainability in oil processing across diverse communities.

Driving Purpose

surround the extraction and processing of oils for various purposes, contributing to economic development, agricultural sustainability, and the production of essential products for both domestic and international markets.
contributes to the growth of the economy, helps agriculture stay sustainable, and produces important products for use both at home and abroad. .

Core Beliefs

Our mission is to create value for customers and the economy by providing products and services that enhance lives. Through our commitment to positive contributions, we aim to foster economic growth and sustainability, ensuring a meaningful impact on individuals and the overall well-being of our communities.