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Welcome to Chetan Agro Industries, We introduce ourselves as one of the leading manufacturer of Oil Mill machinery, Seed Cleaning Machinery, Food Processing Machinery and Agricultural implements and its related products.

Our Product Line Includes:

  • Oil Expeller, Decorticator, Filter Press, Baby Boilers, Neutralizers etc.
  • Seed Cleaning Machine, De Stoner, Seed Flat Grader etc.
  • Dough Mixer, Vegetable Cutting Machine, Bread Cutting Machine, etc.

We are a long established engineering company dedicated to the supply of oil mill machinery and its related products to the vegetable oil and rendering industries. This is our sole business and we are committed to continually improving and developing our products to give you the best equipment possible.
We can work with you to develop solutions to your problems, and we will support you as your needs change.

Innovative Oil Production Lines


Machines for cleaning, crushing, pressing, filtering, and refining groundnuts into edible oil
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Integrated plant solutions including seed cleaners, crushers, extruders, and filtration systems for mustardseed oil
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Equipment for drying, pressing, filtering, and polishing coconut oil in large capacities
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Specialized presses, filters and refining equipment for high volume sunflower oil production
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Turnkey crushing, pressing, solvent extraction, refining and packaging solutions for cottonseed oil production
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Machines for crushing and pressing castor seeds to produce castor oil including pulverizers, cookers, expellers and filters
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Sample 4 Oil Expeller in Rajkot

Oil Expeller 1535

25 to 35




Usage: Multy Seeds Oil Extraction
2705 machine also 5 tpd

Sample 3 Best Oil Mill Plant Machinery

Oil Mill Plant 5 TPD

150 to 200




Usage: Multy Seeds Oil Extraction

Sample 2 Oil Mill Machine Manufacturer

Oil Mill Plant 3 TPD

100 to 125




Usage: Multy Seeds Oil Extraction

Sample Machine

Oil Mill Plant 1 TPD

25 to 20




Usage: Multy Seeds Oil Extraction
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Customer's Success Story
Mr. Gaurang Madhak Chetang Agro Client
Mr. Gaurang Madhak
Gujrat Oil Mil, Fadsar

Chetan Agro Machinery delivers on its promise to perform with the best working machinery. Their reliable solutions ensure optimum performance, backed by the best service, quality, and responsiveness. Our experience reflects their commitment to good customer satisfaction, making them a trusted choice for agricultural needs.

Mr.Dipak Mungalpara Chetan Agro Client
Mr. Dipak Mungalpara
Om Sai Oil Mill (Sanosara) - Rajkot

Impressed with the oil mill machinery’s excellent performance and high capacity. It has exceeded our expectations, delivering efficient results. Highly recommend for those seeking reliable and high-capacity oil mill equipment.

Mr.Manshukh Parmar Chetan Agro Client
Mr. Manshukh Parmar
Dharti Oil Mill - Kalyanpur

Our oil mill has been successfully operating for the past 6 years with machinery from Chetan Agro Industries. The experience has been excellent, resulting in high-quality oil production. The support provided by Chetan Agro has been commendable, ensuring smooth operations and timely assistance. We highly recommend their machinery for those seeking reliable and efficient oil mill solutions.

Mr.Dhanji Parmar Chetan Agro Client
Mr. Dhanji Parmar
Kisaan Oil Mill - Bhatiya

We are extremely satisfied with Chetan Agro Machinery. Exceptional technical support, well-managed inventory, and prompt assistance with spare parts, support, and repair maintenance. Our trust in their services is evident as we’ve deployed their machinery in four different locations. Highly recommended for reliable agricultural solutions.

Mr.Dilip Korat Chetan Agro Client
Mr. Dilip Korat
Dharti Oil Mill - Rajkot

Having operated the oil mill for seven years, I’m pleased with the excellent service provided. The machinery boasts low electricity consumption and timely availability of service for any warrantage needed. Overall, I’m highly satisfied with the performance and support.

Certifications and Collaborations
Pradhan Mantri Kisan Sampada Yojana
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The Indian government has launched a program known as Pradhan Mantri Kisan Sampada Yojana to help farmers earn more money from their crops. Instead of selling raw crops like peanuts or cotton, farmers are encouraged to process them beforehand. For example, instead of selling raw peanuts, they can extract peanut oil and sell the refined oil for higher profits. Similarly, by extracting oil from cotton, farmers can increase their overall income. This initiative aims to enhance the economic value of agricultural products and boost the incomes of farmers across the country.

- Shri Narendra Modi
( Prime Minister of India )

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