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Oil Industry Vibro Separator With Custom Screens – Separation for High Purity Liquid & Dry Processing

Machine Type: Vibro Separator

Model No: VS
Power Requirement: 3
Capacity: 200 to 1000
Usage/Appliction: Separating Dust or Impurity From Oil

The Vibro Separator stands as a versatile solution, excelling in efficient solid and liquid sieving and filtration. Leveraging customized layered screens and powerful 3D motion, it adeptly screens dry powder, granular products, wet items, and liquids. Its unique strength lies in eliminating foreign matter through continuous filtration, providing up to 5 stages of product separation in a single operation. Notably, it is indispensable for removing impurities from oil before the actual filtration press, ensuring a cleaner and purer oil output. This equipment promises a streamlined and effective screening process, contributing to heightened product purity and quality.

Raw Material:

  • Oil or powder

Final Product:

  • Separate pure oil and impurities.

Key Features :
1. Versatile Functionality: Adaptable for screening dry or wet products with precision.
2. Customized Layered Screens: Tailored screens for optimal sieving performance.
3. Powerful 3D Motion: Efficiently separates foreign matter, enhancing product quality.
4. Continuous Filtration: Up to 5 stages of product separation in a single operation.
5. Versatile Application: Ideal for various industries, providing a comprehensive sieving and filtration solution.

Technical Specification :

Model Capacity Power Length  BreadthHeight Weight 
VS2200 liters/hr1 hp 2 ft2  ft 2 ft50 Kg
VS3350 liters/hr2 hp3 ft3 ft3.5 ft75 kg
VS41000 liters/hr3 hp4 ft4 ft4.5 ft125 kg