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Efficient Electric Boilers: Versatile Heating Solutions

Machine Type: Electric Boiler

Model No: SGE
Power Requirement: 3 to 18
Capacity: 4.5 to 30
Weight: 40 to 85
Operation Type: Auto
Usage/Appliction: Cooking and Conditioning of Oil Seeds

Introducing our electric boilers, available in three models ranging from 3 KW to 18 KW for versatile heating solutions. These boilers feature automatic steam generation, effortlessly drawing water as needed and maintaining consistent steam and pressure levels. With user-friendly operation and a compact design, our boilers are both efficient and space-saving. Experience the convenience of variable power options, ensuring the perfect fit for your heating requirements. Upgrade to our reliable electric boilers for straightforward and effective heating in any space.

Key Features:

  1. Variable Power Options: Tailor your heating experience with three models offering power outputs from 3 KW to 18 KW.
  2. Automatic Steam Generation: Enjoy hassle-free operation as the boiler intuitively draws water and maintains steam and pressure levels.
  3. Energy Efficiency: Our electric boilers are designed for optimal energy utilization, providing cost-effective heating solutions.
  4. Compact Design: Save space without compromising on power; our boilers are sleek and efficiently designed.
  5. Reliable Performance: Count on consistent steam production and pressure regulation for a reliable heating solution.

Technical Specification:

SGE34.5 kg/hr3 KW1.5 ft1.5 ft2.5 ft50 kg


SGE69 kg/hr6 KW2.5  ft2.5 ft3 ft55 kg
SGE1830 kg/hr18 KW2.5 ft2.5 ft3 ft65 kg