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Agricultural & Industrial Peanut Decorticators – Leading Machinery Manufacturer for Large Capacity

Machine Type: Decorticator D100

Model No: D100
Power Requirement: 12.5
Man Power: 1 Worker
Capacity: 2
Weight: 1200
Operation Type: Auto
Usage/Appliction: Groundnut Decorticator Machine

The Groundnut Decorticator Model D100 is an agricultural machine designed for efficient peanut processing. Powered by a 12.5 HP motor, this equipment requires minimal manpower with just one worker overseeing operations. Boasting a capacity of 2000 kg/hr, it ensures high productivity in the agriculture sector. Weighing 1200 kg, it’s sturdy and reliable, built to withstand rigorous use. Tailored for agricultural applications, the Groundnut Decorticator simplifies the decorticating process, making it an essential tool for farmers seeking a powerful and reliable solution to streamline groundnut processing. Upgrade your agricultural operations with the D100 for enhanced efficiency and productivity.

Raw Material:

  • Groundnut

Final Product:

  • Groundnut Seed
  • Husk

Key Features:

  1. This machine optimises manpower, ensuring high productivity in agriculture with just one worker.
  2. The D100 boasts a substantial 2000 kg/hr processing capacity, allowing effective handling of large groundnut volumes.
  3. Weighing 1200 kg, the decorticator is robust and durable, designed for rigorous agricultural use.
  4. Tailored for agriculture, this machine streamlines groundnut decorticating processes, enhancing nut processing efficiency.
  5. The 12.5 HP motor ensures a reliable power supply, contributing to the overall reliability and performance of the decorticator.

Technical Specification:

Model Capacity Power Length  Breath Height Weight 
D1002000 kg/hr12.5 hp8 ft6.5 ft8 ft1200 kg