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Advanced Decorticating Machines: 100 kg to 2 Ton per-hr Extract Capacity, Industry Leader

Machine Type: Decorticator D75

Model No: D75
Power Requirement: 3
Man Power: 1 Worker
Capacity: 450
Weight: 500
Operation Type: Auto
Usage/Appliction: Groundnut Decorticator Machine

Introducing our cutting-edge 3 HP Groundnut Decorticator, an industrial powerhouse engineered to redefine groundnut decorticating processes. Boasting an exceptional capacity of 500 kg per hour, this robust decorticator sets a new standard in efficiency and reliability. Its precision-engineered design guarantees unparalleled consistency and accuracy, establishing it as an indispensable tool for agricultural and industrial needs. Embrace innovation and experience unmatched performance with our 3 HP Groundnut Decorticator, revolutionizing your decorticating operations with power, precision, and pioneering technology.

Raw Material:

  • Groundnut

Final Product:

  • Groundnut Seeds
  • Husk

Key Features:
1. Enhanced Power: Empowered by a 3 HP motor for unparalleled efficiency and performance.
2. Ultra-High Capacity: Processes an impressive 500 kg of groundnuts per hour, catering to heavy industrial demands.
3. Rugged Durability: Built with advanced materials for long-lasting endurance even in rigorous settings.
4. Precision Engineering: Ensures unmatched consistency and precision in decorticating results for top-tier quality output.
5. Streamlined Design: Optimal space utilization without compromising on performance or durability.

Technical Specification:

Model Capacity Power Length  Breath Height Weight 
D75500 kg/hr3 hp4.5 ft6.5 ft5 ft500 kg