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Groundnut Decorticator 50

Groundnut Decorticator 50

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The manual peanut sheller benefits farmers by reducing the time it takes to shell the nuts. Shelling the nuts by hand produces 7?l0 kilograms of shelled nuts per day, whereas the sheller has a capacity of 30?60 kilograms of shelled nuts per hour. It can increase farmers? incomes as shelled nuts bring in twice as much as unshelled nuts. The initial investment can be recovered quickly, often within the first year of commercial shelling. The peanut sheller is made of a used rubber tire mounted in a metal housing with a concave wire screen bottom. As the wheel is cranked, the nuts enter the space between the tire and the screen, are dehulled, and drop through the screen into a trough. Winnowing can be done by hand or with a fan. The sheller is 95% efficient and only 3?5% of the nuts are broken. It requires very little maintenance.

Technical Features

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