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Mini Oil Expeller 1535

Mini Oil Expeller 1535

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Mini Oil Expellers 1535 is specially designed to ensure modern oil extraction and maximum percentage of oil extraction from all kind of oil seed like ground nut (pea nut), Rape Seed, Copra (coco nut), Sesame , mustard, Jetropha, palm, sun flower, Neem seed, and other oil barring seeds.

The Mini Oil Expeller 1535 is designed for pressing most oil seeds. Its small size and tight tolerances means that it is very efficient at rupturing the Structures of oil-bearing materials and extracting the oil.

The mini Oil Expeller 1535 may also be used to process cooked and prepared oil seeds, where the pre-treatment will enable greawhhdhsjster oil yields than is possible with the expeller alone.

Typically the Oil Expeller 1535 can be used in specialist applications, where small scale extraction of high value products is required.

Technical Features

Size Capacity Electric Motor Dimension Weight
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